About Us

CheapUsedCarsAndTrucks.com is a local, friendly licensed used car dealership focusing on affordable reliable cars and trucks. We are a Carfax Advantage Dealer, we provide a FREE Carfax Vehicle History Report with every pre-owned vehicle we sell!

CheapUsedCarsAndTrucks.com is a family owned used car and truck licensed dealership.  We are a licensed used car dealership in the state of Arizona operating in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.  We focus of providing reliable used cars at a fair price. We purchase our cars from auctions and local car owners through our cash for cars and trucks or from trade ins on other vehicles. Our cars are hand selected and only the most reliable, top quality cars make it to our lot.

Many of our friends and family asked us to find them their next used car and truck, whether it be for grandma or for their 16 year old’s first car. I take great pride in helping them find their car and it must have shown. Because they told their friends and so on. My Father always told me that “if it is true that almost everything we accomplish in life is with and through other people then RAPPORT” is one of the most important skills we can learn.” Ironically, the definition of rapport is a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people. And that is exactly what it takes to sell someone a car. I not only want to make you my customer, but also a friend you can trust!

I enjoy helping my customers find the perfect vehicle for their needs. When my customers call me back to help them with another car for another one of their children, it reiterates to me the importance of my work. And I really don’t take that lightly. I try to keep a nice selection of pre-owned vehicles with an array of styles & models. If my inventory is running low it is because I have not found vehicles nice enough for my customers. My customers look to me to provide the highest level of expertise in all areas of car buying and maintenance. I will not sell a car to anyone that I would not drive myself or put my family in!

As customer satisfaction is my #1 goal, I look forward to serving the Valley and all its residents for years to come with the best used cars Phoenix has to offer.

Every car I sell is inspected and reconditioned as needed. So you can buy with confidence knowing that my cars have been carefully inspected. I make it a point to drive each vehicle myself. And I don’t only test drive them once. I drive them all day long until they sell. My “reconditioning inspection” is done prior to offering a vehicle for sale. If a vehicle does not pass my inspection, plain & simple IT GOES TO THE AUCTION and NOT TO MY CUSTOMER!